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IGNOU Study Material

IGNOU Study Material




§ BA(Voc) TM

Bachelor Degree

§ Application Oriented Courses (English)

§ Application Oriented Course (Hindi)

§ Bachelor of Arts (English) (BEGE/EEG)

§ Bachelor of Arts (Hindi) (BHDE/EHD)

§ BA in Psychology (BAPC)

§ BA Economics (BECE/EEC) (English)

§ BA Economics (BECE/EEC) (Hindi)

§ BA History (EHI) (English)

§ BA History (EHI) (Hindi)

§ BA Political Science (EPS) (English)

§ BA Political Science (EPS) (Hindi)

§ BA Public Administration(EPA) (English)

§ BA public Administration(EPA) (Hindi)

§ BA Sociology(ESO) (English)

§ B.A. (Philosophy)

§ Bachelor of Library and Information Science (BLIS)

§ BSC Chemistry (CHE) (English)

§ BSC Chemistry (CHE) (Hindi)

§ BSC Life Science (LSE) (English)

§ BSC Life Science (LSE) (Hindi)

§ BSC Mathematics (MTE) (English)

§ BSC Mathematics (MTE) (Hindi)

§ BSC Physics (PHE) (English)

§ BSC Physics (PHE) (Hindi)

§ Foundation Courses

§ Bachelor of Education (BEd) (English)

§ शिक्षा - स्नातक (BEd) (Hindi)

§ Bachelor's in Commerce (B.Com)

§ Bachelor's in Commerce (B.Com) - Hindi

§ B.Com with Major in Corporate Affairs and Administration (B.Com (CA&A))

§ Bachelor of Commerce with Major in Accountancy and Finanace (BCOMAF)

§ Bachelor of Commerce with Major in Financial and Cost Accounting (B.Com (F&CA))

§ BBA in Retailing (BBA(Retailing))

§ Post Basic Bachelor of Science in Nursing B.Sc.N. (PB)

§ Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA)

§ Bachelor of Arts (Tourism Studies)(BTS)-English

§ Bachelor of Arts in Tourism Studies(BTS)-(Hindi)

§ Bachelor in Social Work (BSW)

§ Bachelor in Social Work (BSW) - Hindi

Rural Development

§ BRDE-101 Rural Development : Indian Context

§ BRDE-101 भारत में ग्राम विकाश


Masters Degree

§ Master of Arts (English) (MEG)

§ Master of Arts (Hindi) (MHD)

§ M. A. in Psychology (MAPC)

§ Master of Arts in Philosophy (MAPY)

§ MA in Gender and Development Studies (MAGD)

§ MA in Gender and Development Studies (MAGD)- Hindi

§ Master of Arts in Women’s and Gender Studies (MAWGS)

§ Master of Arts in Women’s and Gender Studies (MAWGS)-Hindi

§ M.A. in Gandhi and Peace Studies (MAGPS)

§ Master of Arts (Economics) (MEC)

§ Master of Arts (History) (MAH)

§ Master of Arts (Political Sciences) (MPS)

§ Master of Arts (Public Administration) (MPA) - English

§ Master of Arts (Public Administration) (MPA) - Hindi

§ Master of Arts (Sociology) (MSO)

§ Master's Degree in Library and Information Science (MLIS)

§ Master's in Anthropology (MAAN)

§ कला में स्नातकोत्तर (इतिहास) (MAH)

§ कला में स्नातकोत्तर (राजनीति विज्ञान) (MPS)

§ कला में स्नातकोत्तर (समाजशास्त्र) (MSO)

§ कला में स्नातकोत्तर(अर्थशास्त्र) (MEC)

§ M.Sc. (Mathematics with Applications in Computer Science) (MACS)

§ Master of Arts (Distance Education) (MADE)

§ Master of Arts (Education) MA (Edu)

§ Master of Arts in Adult Education (MAAE)

§ M. A. in Rural Development 

§ M. A. in Rural Development (MARD) - Hindi

§ M. Sc. in Dietetics and Food Service Management [M. Sc. (DFSM)]

§ Master of Science in Counselling and Family Therapy (MSCCFT)


§ Master of Business Administration (MBA)

§ MBA in Banking & Finance (MBA B&F)

§ Master of Commerce (M.COM)

§ Master of Commerce (M.COM) - Hindi

§ Master of Commerce in Finance and Taxation (M.Com (F&T))

§ Master of Computer Applications (MCA)

§ MA in Translation Studies (MATS) - Hindi

§ Master of Tourism & Travel Management(MTTM)

§ Master of Arts in Journalism & Mass Communication (MAJMC)

§ Master of Arts in Development Studies (MADVS)

§ Master of Arts in Extension & Development Studies (MAEDS)

§ Master in Social Work (MSW)

§ Master in Social Work (MSW) - Hindi

§ Master of Social Work (Counselling) (MSWC)


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